Mi's Corner
  Quick Quon doodle fanart~~ <3

  Quick Quon doodle fanart~~ <3

Are you doing request??

I do commissions! <3

How much for full paintings and stuff?

You can view my permanent prices here!
 But I frequently upload cheaper offers on my FA (Miri) and Twitter (Mirikun)! <3

Chibi commission for yukkisada &lt;3

Chibi commission for yukkisada <3

I love your kemono art, especially your chibi ones. I was just wondering, are you taking commissions at the moment? <3

Thank you so much! <3 Yes, I’m doing chibi commissions for 20 GBP at the moment. (: Do e-mail me at miri@mirikun.com if you’re interested. <3

Some Link progress shots!


Chibi commissions are 20 GBP! If anyone is interested do drop me an e-mail at miri@mirikun.com <3

Hi! Do you recognize me now? Its been 2 years and I actually learned proper english! And I might have got a little better at drawing omorashi! Just wanted to say that you're still one of my very favourite artists and thank you with all my heart for the omorashi art so i could get into it haha, I hope you're having lots of fun and great time. Stay amazing!

Awww gosh, thank you so much! <3 Your art is looking fantastic too! (:

Commission for @Darkenzee on Twitter~ &lt;3

Commission for @Darkenzee on Twitter~ <3